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Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in our company.  At this time we have an employment opportunity for a


If your qualifications meet the requirements described below, please call Ingrid at 972-233-1684.

ReThreads is an exquisite consignment store accepting men’s and women’s clothing and accessories from individuals for resale to our customers.

Men’s or Women’s Clothing Appraiser
The appraiser’s job at ReThreads is similar to a buyer’s job at an upscale department store.

The appraiser shall
*   Have knowledge of fashions, styles, fabrics, labels and retail prices.
*   Have excellent customer service skills.
*   Be courteous and very diplomatic when evaluating merchandise in the presence of the supplier.
*   Be able to distinguish top quality labels and fabrics.
*   Be able to recognize discount labels (which are not sold at ReThreads).
*   Be aware of current fashions and current retail prices.

The appraiser will carefully inspect all merchandise to assure that it is in excellent condition.
Based on the condition, style, label, fabric and market, the appraiser will determine the resale value.

The appraiser’s job is one of the most important jobs at ReThreads.